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Youth Dirt Bike Gear

Youth Dirt Bike Gear

Choosing dirt bike gear is something all parents will go through when they decide to encourage their child’s passion for the sport. What kind of gear does the child need? Dirt bike gears are expensive, but there is no price on your child’s safety and life. We recommend that you do not compromise on the most fundamental units of dirt bikes but instead make sure your choices of road motorcycle gear are up to par with the intended purpose.

Most Important Youth Dirt Bike Gear

Helmets For Your Child

Helmets are not equal, and some will be more expensive because they have more features or are simply the better brand. Do not look at the price when buying a helmet, but instead choose the following for the most comfortable wear:

  • Lightness to ensure the ultimate comfort
  • A fitting helmet that will not move around as they ride
  • Multiple ventilation to keep the head cool and allow breathing
  • Removable liners you can wash to get rid of bacteria, sweat, and other issues


These are practical and essential motorbike gear for children because they keep the eyes safe from wind, rocks, sand, and sweat. Choose goggles that absorb sweat and keep a cooling effect for longer so the child can get the best riding experience. There is not much to consider regarding the style of the goggles, so stick to the primary type if you do not want to splurge too much money.


Dirt bike gloves are another crucial piece for your child because they protect against cuts, abrasions, and other injuries when they fall. Often, you will have to switch up the gloves as many times as you do all other types of gear because kids grow fast, and they soon will not be able to fit into the small tight gloves. Check out our store for details on the possibility of buying gloves as a package deal with goggles and a helmet or any other wearing accessory.


Dirt bike boots are a challenging piece to buy because they can limit movement and make it difficult for you to maneuver your legs around the gears. Beginning kids who never used boots before will find them uncomfortable and maybe even complain of restricted movement because they cannot move their ankles the same way.

We recommend looking at our matching dirt bike gear sets for different sizes and styles for your child’s ultimate comfort. The boots in the collection are priced into the total price of the whole attire, which means they are a bit more affordable than if you were to buy each item separately.

Shop motorcycle gear

Pants and jerseys are next on the most essential dirt bike gears list. The combo packages in the store are excellent for parents looking to save some money while still allowing ultimate comfort and style for the child.

The best advice we can give you is first to know your child’s size and then look at the website to match them up with a style they will love. Click here to get started shopping for different motorcycle clothing and helmets.

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