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Moving Services

Commercial and residential; Licensed and Insured. Innovative solutions to minimize risk and time while maximizing safety

RV/MotorHome Towing

Moving? Broke down during vacation? We haul Class B and Class C Motorhomes to mechanic, body shop, or residential location.

Lowered vehicles

We specialize in affordably towing and wrecking Low-Profile vehicles fast, including sports cars, mid-size sedans, sport utility vehicle’s (SUV’s) trucks, motorcycles, and more 24 hours a day.

Off-Road Recovery

Front wheel drive, all wheel drive, 4×4, quads, and dirt bikes. Flat tire, out of gas, need winching, or flooded T and S Towing is the premiere tow truck service for Peoria, Glendale, Anthem, Phoenix, and Sun City.

Towing Peoria

towing peoria Whether you got stuck on mud or your car simply won’t start, call towing Peoria service immediately. T&S Towing offers off-road recovery from gasoline service to jumpstarts. We even have a flatbed hauler to carry all sorts of vehicles from motorcycles to motorhomes. If you have a towing emergency, call (602) 434-3801.  

Even if you diligently prepare your RV or motor home for your road trip, not everything will go as planned. You can get a flat tire or even become involved in an accident. If this happens, call professional towing service in Peoria. A reliable towing company can assist you right away. 
Aside from preparing your vehicle for your road trip, another thing you can do is to pack your motor home or RV accordingly. Some things you can ditch include:
Too many canned goods - You don’t need to stock up on soup cans as if your preparing for a hurricane. Just bring enough.
A big tool box - Yes, it is important that you bring a few tools, preferably multipurpose ones. Don’t bring the entire lot because there’s only so much that you can do to repair or maintain your vehicle.
Firewood - It is cheaper to bring your own firewood than to buy one from the camp site. But is it really worth it? Your vehicle might not think so.
T&S Towing has been in the business of servicing and towing vehicles for years. We can offer towing service in Peoria for RVs and motor homes. Whether you got stuck during your vacation or your RV is stuck on your driveway, T&S Towing can help. For emergencies, you may reach us at 602-434-3801. To get a free quote for your service, fill up the online form here on our website.
Towing Peoria

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Towing Service Peoria

Whether you have been in an accident or simply got your car stuck in a ditch, hire towing service Peoria to lessen your problems. T&S Towing offers reliable services at affordable prices. See the full list of towing services on our website or call us at (602) 434-3801 if you require emergency towing.  

Moving to a new place? Don’t worry about your motorcycle collection. Just call professional towing service in Peoria and ask them to send in their flatbed. That way, you don’t have to ride your motors one by one or move them one at a time using a pick-up. The same goes for your old car. You don’t need an old car taking up space in your garage or on your driveway. Have it towed and sent to charity or to a junkyard. There are even some towing companies that can haul large vehicles, like motor homes and tow commercial trucks. Just make sure the company is insured and licensed. It also helps if the towing company can offer emergency services 24/7.
T&S Towing is a reliable company offering a full range of towing services. We can handle everything from accident tows to ground freight transportation services. In case of car breakdowns, we can even assist in roadside recovery. To get an estimate for the towing service in Peoria, just fill up the secure form here on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
T&S Towing is a licensed and insured company that offers reasonable prices for towing services. We have quick response accident recovery and emergency service. What’s more, we also have an excellent customer service team. If you need immediate assistance, call us at 602-434-3801 and we’ll be there right away.

Tow Truck Service Peoria

It happens to everyone--getting locked out of your vehicle while the lights and engine are still on. A key locksmith can only help in opening your car but T&S Towing can include battery charging and gasoline service, too. To see the full range of tow truck service Peoria we offer, please visit our website.  

Being a responsible driver goes beyond just following traffic rules and regulations. It also means knowing how to maintain your car so that it does not break down in the middle of the road. As a responsible driver, you also need to have the number of a tow truck service Peoria on your phone so you can call for help in case you get stranded.  Aside from checking your tires and fluids, you should also regularly check the following:
Gauges. You might not know it but your car is already going over the speed limit. You wouldn’t want to get a ticket now, would you?
Air conditioning and air filter. If you want to stay healthy and cool during your trip, have these two checked.
Wipers. You’ll never know but it might start to rain or drizzle. Stay safe by ensuring that you have completely functional wipers.
Lights. This are especially crucial if you plan on driving at night.
Battery. Make sure your battery is good to go.
For tow truck service Peoria, contact T&S Towing. Our company can also offer gasoline service, battery charging and jump starts, as well as lockout service. For emergencies, you may contact T&S Towing at (602) 434-3801 and we will respond right away. For other services, leave a message here on our website.

Tow Truck Peoria

It’s a drag to be stuck in the middle of your trip, especially if you have a bulky motor home. Motorists with regular cars might have a hard time helping you jumpstart your vehicle. Contact a tow truck Peoria to help you. T&S Towing can haul Class B & C motor homes and we offer full towing services.  

If you suddenly get a flat tire in the middle of your journey, the best thing to do is to park on the side of the road. According to the National Safety Council, you should never flag down other motorists and ask for their help. It is better to get the assistance from a formal tow truck Peoria. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, here are some things to do:
Hang something white outside your window or on the antenna of the car (such as a cloth or piece of paper)
Don’t stand next to or behind your vehicle, especially if you do not have a reflective jacket. Motorists might not able to notice you.
If you get car trouble at night, it’s best to turn off your blinkers and place a warning signal several feet away from your vehicle.
If you need tow truck Peoria immediately, contact T&S Towing. Our company is available for emergencies and offers a full range of towing services. We can handle all types of vehicles--from low vehicles to motor homes. You may reach our quick response tow team at (602) 434-3801. For other towing services, you can get a free quote by filling up the contact form. To know more about T&S Towing as well as our services, browse our website.

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